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Please do not submit this questionnaire if you are just looking to buy or sell parts.

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(Note: if you want to have a picture included, attach one to a separate email and send it to me at the address shown below.  Please keep the size down, preferably about 5x8 inches (100K bytes or so).  I will create a thumbnail for use on the primary page with a link to the larger image you send me. If your compression software leaves you with an image that is less than about 5x8 inches, then send me your full size original and I will cut it down here. If the picture is too small, it won't show enough detail.)

(Note: your listing will be good for 3 months from the date I add it to the web page.  Prior to the 3 month expiration date, please let me know if you want your listing continued, otherwise it will be deleted so that the list won't get stale.  If you do get in touch with me, I will extend it for another 3 months.  Thank you for your understanding.)

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For questions on or problems with this form, please contact: Leland Sheppard